Splunk: Using Dynamic Panels

In most of the Organizations, many dashboards come with the big list of panels flooded on the dashboard. As a result, single page dashboard becomes multiple page report. To avoid this Splunk provide an option to create dynamic panels means we can hide panels from the dashboard when the search query is not returning any results.

E.g. consider below picture is one of the critical dashboards with multiple panels leaving supporting to ensure all panels are looked after


Where below dashboard is the same dashboard as above but with dynamic panels where the output is not shown when searches returned 0 records. This will help support team to monitor effectively with the right amount of data.


We just need to make following changes in the dashboard code if we need to change panel visibility dynamic.

  • Linking panel to unique condition token_id

<panel depends=”$cond_token_a$” >

<search><query> —– </query>


<condition match=”‘job.resultCount’ &gt; 0″>

<set token=”cond_token_a”>true</set>



<unset token=”cond_token_a”></unset>





In above example, I am setting token to true when search returning at least 1 row. We can change this to any static value or can provide additional filtering in the search string as well.

The code remains same for any dashboard, we just need to ensure to give unique token id for each dynamic panel.



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