Digital India : Is Google Tracking Your Andriod Phone ?

Today most of the mobile companies use Andriod as an operating system. The reason behind this that it is open source, user-friendly, robust, stables and saves the good amount of time in investment on building new OS from scratch. Any Andriod based phone provides a large number of apps via google app store. When individual signs into app store we also authorize access to the Gmail, calendars, and other google services by default. One of the hidden services is google location history. This tracks your location and stores on your Gmail location data. Those who have Android phones can search for “google location history”  and view their past location data date by date.

The functionality is very much effective with respect to tracking your device, but we can switch off location tracking if we want by going on to the below link

We can also delete historic data. More information on how to do it can be found on the below link

The purpose of this post is just to provide more knowledge about the hidden features of the smartphones.


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