Digital India : Twitter Accounts hacking

Last month there was big noise for some of the known journalist’s twitter account getting hacked. After this, some people including victims started blaming the government for the same. Does that mean ruling government failed to implement digital India?

First twitter is private firm independent from any government and has its own strong security policies otherwise, hackers could have hacked every other account from twitter. Therefore its individual’s responsibility to secure own account information from hackers.

So what could be the reasons then? Sometimes by clicking unwanted links for free goodies, discounts, WhatsApp forwards, lottery winnings and more we authorize access to the personal information to unwanted peoples. Also, most of the people tend to write passwords physically on the notes. And most common typing passwords in presence of others or personally giving passwords details 🙂

Most the above reasons are very common but very much important, therefore its individual’s choice how much personal data he/she sharing knowing/unknowingly over the internet.


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